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The above image is taken from a postcard for use by Boy Scouts at Ten Mile River Scout Camp, Narrowsburg, NY (ca 1940's). The image is of a stained glass window in the Immaculate Heart of Mary Chapel, originally at Camp Man, now at Kernochan. (The Kernochan division was added to Camp Man in the 1939 camping season and was named for Justice Kernochan of the Supreme Court of Queens County.)
   Camp Man was the Queens Council camp at Ten Mile River Scout Camp, which opened in 1929. At the time the camp was called Camp Man, it had three divisions, Kernochan, Central and Lakeside. The name Camp Man was dropped at the start of the 1952 camping season, and the "Divisions" were thereafter referred to as "Camps."
   The chapel is an open air building situated between the three camps. Reportedly, the stained glass window is an original Louis Comfort Tiffany window. However, as LC Tiffany died in 1932 and his work was held in disdain with the onset of the 1920's, this might not be the case. I have no information as to the identity of the manufacturer.
   The Queens Council Catholic Committee on Scouting raised the funds for the construction of the chapel and some mothers groups raised the money for the window.
   The window faces East, so during services the window is illuminated, but there is also an external light which can be used on cloudy days or vespers.


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