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   During the course of my research, I have had to rely on the kindness of strangers at archives and libraries to assist me in my work. Below are a few such persons:

  • Anna Baidoun, Blackfriars Hall, Oxford
  • Sandy Beth, Access Librarian, St. Mary's University of Minnesota, Fitzgerald Library
  • Susan Bear, Fordham University Library, Manhattan
  • Steven Connaghan and Paul Edgeworth, Catholic University of America
  • Collins T. Fitzpatrick, Circuit Executive, U.S. Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit
  • Jan Kelsey, Head of Reference, Walsh Library, Fordham University
  • Linda LoShiavo, Gerald M. Quinn Library, Fordham University
  • Chris Meadows, Librarian, Our Sunday Visitor
  • Rick Peuser and Elizabeth Gray, National Archives and Records Administration, College Park, MD
  • Rev. John A. Steichen and Helen Sellers, Archdiocese of Oklahoma City
  • Sr. Mary Christine Taylor, Academic Dean, Wadhams Hall Seminary-College
  • Beverly Watkins, Archivist, National Archives – Great Lakes Region

   Special thanks are reserved to those who have gone above and beyond the call of duty in assisting in my research.

  • Wm. Kevin Cawley, Ph.D., Archivist & Curator of Manuscripts, University of Notre Dame
    (Because of Notre Dame's collaboration with the BSA, it holds many primary sources for Catholic Scouting. Dr. Cawley was enormously helpful in assisting me in my research.)
  • Susan K. Crawford, Curator of Collections, National Scouting Museum, Murray, KY
    (Susan provided me with the very little material archived by the BSA during its almost 100 years of partnership with the Catholic Church. Her review of early Scouting magazine issues, by her own initiative, was unexpected and appreciated.)
  • Rev. Mr. Martin Diggins, OP
    (Martin provided me with important material from the library at the Catholic University of America, prior to my visit there with Dr. Zito.)
  • Mary Osielski, M. E. Grenander Department of Special Collections & Archives, University at Albany
    (Mary was more than happy to allow me access to the Tetens papers and bent over backward in helping me locate the material I needed for my research.)
  • Anthony Zito, PhD, Archivist, The American Catholic History Research Center and University Archives
    (I visited the CUA archives during the last week of Dr. Zito's long tenure as the archivist. His assistance in my research and permitting me almost carte blanche in my access to the archive has greatly assisted in my knowledge of the bishops' views on Scouting.)

   And last, but certainly not least, I must express my gratitude to both Josef F. Kessler and Eleanor Starr. Joe has permitted me to not only interview him on his many years of involvement as a professional Scouter in the national offices on Catholic Scouting, but has provided me feedback on initial drafts of my work. I look forward to working with him when I turn my attention to Catholic Scouting after 1960, a period in which he served as the NCCS executive secretary for many years.

   I met both Joe and Ellie in 1979 at the national offices in Irving. At the time I was turning in my application for a position on the NCCS executive board as a youth member. I was not selected at the time, but I was appointed to the board six years later as the Advisor to the Religious Emblems committee.

   Both Joe and Ellie were very gracious to what must have been an awkward 17-year-old Scout. As advisor, and then later chair of the Religious Emblems committee, there were times I talked to her once a week. When I started this project, she arranged to get me access to the national office's library, as well as the material on Catholic Scouting in the records management department. Granted, it was not much (about 1-2 files) considering the length of time there had been an official Catholic presence at the national offices, but it was material not available anywhere else.

   Ellie has since retired from the BSA, but like Joe, she has graciously consented to review my drafts and provide her feedback. I must say that while I enjoyed a great working relationship with Joe, Dann Cooke, and later NCCS executive secretaries, generally I interacted with Ellie on a much more frequent basis. This allowed me to develop a personal relationship with her to an extent that I did not develop with the professional Scouters. It is a relationship that I treasure.


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