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Commentary on the NCCS' "75th Anniversary"

   Welcome! This site is the result of both past and ongoing research in the history of Boy Scouting in the United States Catholic Church. The objective of the research has been to publish a book on this subject.

   In advance of the publication of the book, it was decided to provide some of the results of the research via the Internet. Please note that all materials published on this site are copyrighted and all rights have been reserved by the author and owner of this web site. For more information regarding the use of the material contained in this site, please visit the Copyright & Fair Use page.

   At the top of this page, you will find several buttons that will take you to various parts of the site. Below is a brief description of each:

  • Catholic Scouting & Youth - The heart of the site, this section includes: brief overviews on the history of Catholic Scouting in the US, the Catholic Religious Emblems program, the Catholic Youth Movement in the US, a listing of key NCCS personnel and conferences, and various statistics regarding Catholic Scouting.
  • Catholic Scouting Bibliography - A short bibliography of publications relating to Scouting and Catholic Scouting is provided to interested visitors.
  • Historical Pictures and Patches - Pictures that have been discovered through the research phase, as well as patches from the author's personal collection, have been offered for display. If you have any pictures relating to Catholic Scouting, please contact me.
  • International Catholic Scouting - A brief overview of Catholic Scouting in the world, documents relating to the spiritual dimension of Scouting, and English texts of addresses from various pontiffs on the Scouting Movement.
  • Miscellanea - A section of the web site for other material: Contact information, links of interest, a brief biography of the author, a progress report on the book, updates of the site, acknowledgments, and the copyright information page.

   If you have any questions or comments regarding the information contained in this site, please contact me. Please enjoy!


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